TMC Composers' Division Program - Public Concerts

TMC Composers' Division Program

TMC Composers' Division Program

NOVEMBER 14, 2017, 1:00 pm
Janet Stivanson, Organizer
Free Public Event

Please join us for a program of original compositions by our TMC composers. These concerts are always an interesting collaboration of our composers with members from our various divisions. Hope to see you there!

Concert Program

Composers' Division - Public Program
November 14, 2017 - 1:00 p.m.
Levy Hall at Rodef Shalom

Lines and Light – Sara Kent
Risé Kostilnik, English Horn
Jen Preckel, Bassoon
Lori Gilbert, Piano

Calypso – Sheila Bridges
Skeletons – Sheia Bridges
Faye D'Ippolito, Henry Spinelli, Piano

Lac Bleu – Patricia Rossi
Patricia Rossi, Piano

Three French Songs – Patricia Rossi
Par un Baiser (For One Kiss), Certitude (Certainty}, Un Seul Sourire (A Single Smile)
Donald Rasely, Baritone
Janet Stivanson, Piano

Tecate  – Judy Bruce
Early Morning, Toucan Lullaby, Golden Mountains
Ashley Freeburn*, Violin
Nanette Solomon, Piano

Four Amy Lowell Poems – J. L. Stivanson
Leisure, The Letter, Summer Rain, Fireworks
Catherine Bomstein, Soprano
Janet Stivanson, Piano

Woodwind Quintet – Sara Kent
Rachel Berger, Flute
Risé Kostilnik, Oboe/English horn
Carl Iezzi, French Horn
Jean Preckel, Bassoon
Janice Coppola, Clarinet

* Guest

Event Location

Rodef Shalom's Levy Hall
4905 5th Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
United States