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Composers Division

We all enjoy listening to music, and many of us enjoy performing it. However, some individuals feel the need to create it! The COMPOSERS' DIVISION of the Tuesday Musical Club welcomes any member whose inspiration overflows onto the manuscript paper.

The group meets five times per year (September through May), at roughly six-week intervals, with their advisor (currently R. James Whipple from Carnegie Mellon University) at Calvary Episcopal Church in Shadyside. Members who have written something share their work with those present, and benefit from the constructive suggestions and expertise of the advisor and occasionally other members of the group. The new music is heard through a variety of means: if written for piano, it would typically be played on that instrument; sometimes the parts are played "in reduction" on the piano; if the piece is vocal or choral, it would be sung by those present; frequently MIDI recordings are used; and occasionally a recording of a live "run through" is available.

Typically, members take the suggestions to heart and return at the next meeting with corrections, revisions, and a greatly improved which time the process renews itself!

The musical circle is complete when members of the group choose representative works to be presented at a program in November. The music is performed by members of the Tuesday Musical Club and invited guests. The collaboration and exchange of ideas between composer and performers is an exciting and stimulating process which adds immeasurably to the musical growth of all involved.

It is always exciting to welcome new members to the group and experience different visions of the creative process.