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Piano Division

Tuesday Musical Club Piano Division is open to any member who is interested in playing or listening to piano music. Division meetings are held eight times a year, usually at 10:30 A.M. on the fourth Tuesday of the month. There are no meetings in December, June, July, or August.

At Piano Division meetings, a short business meeting is followed by a program presented by Club members. Any member can perform at these meetings, which are held in private homes. Piano solos, piano four-hand works, and vocal or instrumental duos or ensembles that include a piano may be presented. (String quartets perform in other divisions, but not at Piano Division.) Two-piano works are possible at some locations. The program is followed by a luncheon prepared by hospitality volunteers for that particular meeting. Members also volunteer to host these meetings in their homes, and other members volunteer to arrange the musical programs. Information about the location and program for each meeting is publicized in the monthly Club newsletter and is also sent as an e-mail notice. Directions to the location are included. Guests of members are welcome to attend.

Twice a year, usually in October and March, the format for performances at regular piano division meetings will be that of a master class with coaching by David Allen Wehr, the Jack W. Geltz Distinguished Piano Chair at the Mary Pappert School of Music, Duquesne University. There is a small coaching fee for performers.

If you would enjoy listening to piano music in an intimate setting with other music lovers, joining the Tuesday Musical Club, Piano Division, offers you a rewarding experience to do that. Even more, if you are a pianist who would like to perform privately for a supportative audience, the Piano Division provides you with this unique opportunity. Also consider that if you are a professional pianist preparing for a public recital, these meetings offer excellent rehearsal possibilities.

Join soon and begin to enjoy and benefit from all the Piano Division affords!

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Piano Division

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