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Scholarship Audition Season Opens in January

TMC Members and Friends, It is once again time to do what TMC loves most: "Mentoring young artists through their musical careers!" This translates to “It's Scholarship Season!!”

We select, through audition, new scholars every two years and administer and maintain existing scholarships annually. Our new scholarship season opens officially January 1, 2018. Scholarship applications will be available on-line, by mail and email at that time. We want as many prospective music majors as possible to know about our offering and are asking that members who know young musicians looking for scholarships to advise them to go to our website and get information or call and/or e-mail the office. Scholarship eligibility information is available on page 13 of the TMC yearbook and on the website. If you have a direct e-mail, snail-mail or telephone number to a high school or college/university administrator who has access to young music students, please send this info to the office.

Terri Denmon, Scholarship Chair